Pavona maldivensis – Bright Orange

Pavona maldivensis – Bright Orange

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Pavona maldivensis is an SPS you don’t see every day. This oddball with encrusting growth and thick, club shaped branches, and comes in a variety of bright colors. These corals prefer moderate light and flow, and stable water chemistry similar to natural seawater levels. These are a great choice to fill in lower light or flow regions of a mature reef tank, or a starter coral for a new reef tank.

This variety is an intense bright pinkish-orange under white lights or blues, with a distinctive pattern of bright orange lines radiating from each polyp.

The frags available for sale are similar to the image shown here, which is one of the frags from the same batch. However, because of natural variation among frags yours may not look identical to this image.

Like all hard corals, this requires overnight shipping.

5 reviews for Pavona maldivensis – Bright Orange

  1. Alex Williams

    Alex Williams (verified owner)

  2. NARCISO BARTE (verified owner)

  3. Ryan Hurt

    Ryan (verified owner)

    Beautiful bright orange color looks great.

  4. Brian Gordon

    Brian Gordon (verified owner)

  5. Jorge Gonzalez

    Jorge Gonzalez (verified owner)

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