Ricordia Mushroom – Rainbow

Ricordia Mushroom – Rainbow


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Mushroom corals are some of the toughest soft corals in the hobby, and a great choice for starter corals. They also add a spot of color to low light areas in mature reefs.

This is an especially colorful strain of Ricordia that truly deserves the name Rainbow. Put this mushroom under blue lights and you’ll immediately spot oranges, yellows, and greens. Look closer and find shades of purple and red, too. Its not the fastest growing Ricordia in my collection but probably my favorite.

The image shows an example of the mushrooms for sale, and the one you receive will come from the same strain. The specimens offered for sale are about 1 inch fully expanded. Because of natural variation among specimens, the mushroom you receive may look slightly different from this image.

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  1. Zac (verified owner)

    Beautiful mushroom that opened immediately. Excited to have it in my collection. Great packaging as well.

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