Bubble Tip Anemone – Red and Green

Bubble Tip Anemone – Red and Green

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Bubble Tip Anemones (Entacmaea quadricolor) are one of the most popular types in the hobby. They’re colorful, generally safe for reef fish, and they host clownfish in a well-known symbiotic relationship.

This variety is an eye-catching mixture of red and green, from a batch recently imported from Vietnam. The patterns on these anemones – the white markings on the oral disc, and the red and green fluorescent areas – differ from one anemone to the next. Each is a unique specimen. But all of them include red and green, you will not be disappointed with any of them.

These anemones like the same conditions as most corals – plenty of light and current. Observe them closely for a few days after adding to your tank since they sometimes wander around the tank until they settle in.

Like most anemones these are only suitable for a well-established tank, at least a year old. For reasons that are not well established they generally don’t do well in newly established tanks even if the tanks are perfectly suitable for fish.

Each anemone is a unique specimen. The one you receive will be one of those pictured here, or a similar one from the same batch.

1 review for Bubble Tip Anemone – Red and Green

  1. Howard Reife

    Howard (verified owner)

    Love these anemones and their greenish color. Much different from the pinkish orange bubble tips.

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