Cespitularia – Purple

Cespitularia – Purple

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Cespitularia is a genus of soft corals in the same family as Pulsing Xenia. While these are fast-growing like many soft corals, they’re nowhere near as invasive as Xenia.

This variety is a solid purple color with HUGE polyps. What makes it special is not its color but its size – individual polyps can stretch over 3″ across! By far the largest polyps we’ve found in any member of this genus. This one does not pulse, the polyps remain still.

These corals prefer low to moderate lighting and flow, with plenty of nutrients. But they are very hardy and can survive in a wide variety of conditions.

The fragment you purchase will look similar to the image shown, but because of natural variation among corals it will not look identical. These are pretty large frags, approximately 2-3″ long with multiple branches. Please note they close up during shipping and may take 2-3 days to fully extend.

5 reviews for Cespitularia – Purple

  1. Doris (verified owner)

  2. Steve Sims

    Steve S. (verified owner)

    Huge swaying heads.

  3. Robert Eckardt

    Robert E. (verified owner)

    Big polyps, handled shipping great.

  4. Heather Zychowski

    Heather Z. (verified owner)

    Very healthy and pest free

  5. Barbara Carpenter

    Barbara Carpenter (verified owner)

    Top notch. Almost $400 order & worth every penny. From the Gonapora to the zoanthids most were partially open in the packing bags. All arrived in great shape, 2 hours sooner than I expected, & several free frags-will definitely purchase here again!

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