Clean Chaetomorpha

Clean Chaetomorpha

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Chaetomorpha, or Chaeto, is by far the most popular choice of macro algae for growing in refugia. Many reef keepers find this an effective strategy for controlling nutrients.We recommend high light and high flow to maintain the Chaeto in a healthy condition and maintain nutrient export.

We grow our Chaeto exclusively in FISH-FREE systems so you can be confident you won’t get fish parasites along with your algae. Just clean, healthy Chaeto.
Beneficial invertebrates you might find in our chaeto:

  • Copepods
  • Amphipods
  • Bristle Worms
  • Stomatella snails

What you WILL NOT find in our chaeto:

  • NO parasites of fish or corals!
  • NO Aiptasia!
  • NO nuisance algae!

This product is sold in 50-g (wet weight) portions, packaged in 1 pint of seawater. This is approximately the size of a baseball. See the photos for an example of a single portion. Aside from minor variation in color from batch to batch, yours will look more or less just like these images.



6 reviews for Clean Chaetomorpha

  1. Brandon (verified owner)

    Amazing amount of deep green chaeto for the price. If this truly is free of pests and fish diseases, it is one of the best deals in reefing.

  2. Kim Vigil (verified owner)

    Looks great !!

  3. Robert Smoczynski

    ROBERT (verified owner)

  4. Wade Riles

    Wade R. (verified owner)

  5. Mike Rhode

    Mike (verified owner)

  6. Bryce P. (verified owner)

    Had a handful of bristle worms and dead pods in the bunch

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