Goniopora – Short polyp, Red

Goniopora – Short polyp, Red


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Goniopora is an unusual LPS with elongated polyps that extend far from the skeleton, and wave back and forth in the current. This hard coral has all the motion of soft corals, and comes in a wide range of colors. These corals grow best with moderate to high flow and light, and feed them regularly (either broadcast or directly). (The best advice I’ve ever gotten for growing Goniopora is to treat them like Acros that need to be fed).

This variety has very short polyps, almost like Stylocoeniella. They extend no more than 1/8 to 1/4 inch.

This variety is blood red under white lights, and reddish pink under blues. Its not as bright as some of the ultra-bright pink gonis out there – this one is a more subdued red.

These are large, multi-polyp frags similar to the image shown here. However, because of natural variation among frags yours may not look identical to this image.

Like all hard corals, this requires overnight shipping.


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