Duncan – Green

Duncan – Green

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Duncans (Duncanopsammia sp.), are unique LPS corals with big fleshy polyps. These hardy corals will thrive in a wide range of conditions, but grow best with moderate flow and light, and plenty of nutrients. Given enough time, these corals will grow into a bushy, branching colony.

These are large frags similar to the image shown here, with 1-3 polyps per frag. However, because of natural variation among frags yours may not look identical to this image.

Like all hard corals, this requires overnight shipping.

14 reviews for Duncan – Green

  1. Bill Estep (verified owner)

  2. Glenn Worley

    Glenn Worley (verified owner)

    Excellent condition

  3. Jackie Morris (verified owner)

  4. Reanna B. (verified owner)

  5. William Henley

    William Henley (verified owner)

    Nice. Opening right back up. Had more heads then advertised.

  6. Sergio Lopez

    Sergio (verified owner)

    excellent quality corals fast and safe shipping quality corals

  7. Henry Tran

    Henry Tran (verified owner)

  8. Gregory Coe

    Gregory C. (verified owner)

  9. Brad Biliter

    Brad B. (verified owner)

    Very healthy clean specimen

  10. Steve Sims

    Steve (verified owner)

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

  12. Shane Tauzin

    Shane Tauzin (verified owner)

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

  14. Kathy Pawling

    Kathy P. (verified owner)

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