Grube’s Gorgonian

Grube’s Gorgonian

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Gorgonians are soft corals with a unique furry, branching form. These hardy soft corals add motion to your tank as the branches sway in the current, and the large polyps give the whole colony a striking furry appearance.

This is a photosynthetic variety, which houses symbiotic algae just like hard corals. Photosynthetic gorgonians like this do best with moderate lighting and flow, and plenty of nutrients. But they are very hardy and can survive in a wide variety of conditions.

This variety has been grown in the hobby for decades. Its a specimen of Pinnigorgia flava originally collected in the Philippines that has since been propagated by hobbyists worldwide. Its a fast-growing and hardy variety that grows well in home aquariums.

The fragment you purchase will look similar to the image shown, but because of natural variation among corals it will not look identical. These are pretty large frags, approximately 2-3″ long with multiple branches.

8 reviews for Grube’s Gorgonian

  1. Nguyen Khuu

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  2. Patrick Figures

    Patrick F. (verified owner)

    After only a few hours polyps extended!

  3. Sandro Le

    Sandro L. (verified owner)

    Nice and healthy

  4. Patrick Figures

    Patrick F. (verified owner)

  5. Lea Morrow

    Lea Morrow (verified owner)

    Very healthy

  6. Doris (verified owner)

  7. Howard Reife

    Howard (verified owner)

    I personally love these gorgonians or sea fans. Adds a flowery wave like motion in the current

  8. Patrick Figures

    Patrick Figures (verified owner)

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