Hermit Crabs – Red Tip

Hermit Crabs – Red Tip

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Hermit crabs in general are useful members of the aquarium cleanup crew.

The Red Tip Hermit Crabs (Clibanarius digueti) are especially active scavengers with voracious appetites. These crabs scavenge everywhere for detritus, uneaten food, and nuisance algae including film algae, hair algae and even some kinds of cyanobacteria.

While all hermit crabs pose some level of risk to snails, these are some of the least aggressive types in our experience.

These are larger crabs, occupying shells over 1″ in length like the one pictured here, although size and shell type varies widely among specimens.

2 reviews for Hermit Crabs – Red Tip

  1. Reanna B. (verified owner)

    Healthy and very active. Got right to work cleaning up the tank!

  2. Robin Ellis

    Robin Ellis (verified owner)

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