Indo-Pacific Rock Flower Anemone

Indo-Pacific Rock Flower Anemone

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The Rock Flower Anemones (Phymanthus sp.) are colorful and hardy anemones that are well suited for a wide range of aquariums. Most are sourced from the Caribbean, and the Caribbean species are brightly fluorescent under blue lights.

We bought these from a supplier in Vietnam as Rock Flower Anemones but they are surely a different species. These are unlike any other anemones we’ve seen in the hobby. The bright colors you see in these images are under daylight – WHITE light. These are NOT FLUORESCENT under blue lights – but they look awesome by daylight.

Unlike many anemones, these are not aggressive and are unlikely to cause problems stinging other corals. They also tend to stay in one location more than many other kinds of anemones, although these Vietnam anemones do move a bit more than than Caribbean cousins.

These anemones do not host clownfish.

Each anemone is unique, and they are sold in assorted colors. We will pack multiple colors if you order more than one. Buy a bunch and you’ve got an instant anemone garden! Or just one for a unique conversation piece. Feel free to list your color preferences in the order notes and we will try to accommodate these requests, but please understand we cannot guarantee the color you request will be available since they are all unique.

2 reviews for Indo-Pacific Rock Flower Anemone

  1. Howard Reife

    Howard (verified owner)

    Interesting anemone from the Indo-Pacific. They are not as colorful as their more common Caribbean cousins

  2. Jesse Rains

    Jesse (verified owner)

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