Pocillopora damicornis – Multicolored

Pocillopora damicornis – Multicolored

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Pocillopora damicornis is one of the fastest growing SPS, so that some reefers actually consider it a pest for this reason. This multicolored variety has a green base with pink in the polyps and branch tips. When this coral is happy, it extends its long polyps, giving the colony a unique furry appearance.

Like most SPS, these do best in moderate to high light and flow. They’re much less sensitive than Acropora and a good starter coral for an SPS tank.

The frag you purchase will come from the same lineage as the image shown, and will be similar in size. However, because of natural variation among frags yours may not look identical to this image.

This coral requires overnight shipping.

14 reviews for Pocillopora damicornis – Multicolored

  1. JONATHON MCTAGUE (verified owner)

    I have gotten three different ones and they are all in excellent condition. What a great size frag for the price! Dont listen to the other review that clearly has a problem with a very easy to grow coral.

  2. Josh Johnson

    Josh J. (verified owner)

    Love this frag and the customer service was amazing

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

  4. Kevin Rice (verified owner)

    Just wanted to let you folks know how pleased I am with the coral I got from you. They were nicer than advertised and I will definitely be ordering from you again. Thanks too for the freebie! I’m telling all my reefing friends about you.
    Thanks again!!!

  5. Brian Gordon

    Brian Gordon (verified owner)

  6. Reanna B. (verified owner)

    Received Birdsnest instead due to stock count error. Birdsnest is doing great!

  7. David Mack

    David Mack (verified owner)


  8. Annette Ludrowsky

    Annette Ludrowsky (verified owner)

  9. Tucker W. (verified owner)

    well-sized and encrusted, started to color up on second day in tank. you can’t beat the price. it did arrive brown which most sps do, but colored up pretty fast.

  10. fabian gonzalez

    fabian (verified owner)

    Great shape!

  11. Michael Wolf

    Michael Wolf (verified owner)

  12. Howard Reife

    Howard (verified owner)

    Great price for the pretty pocillopora

  13. Jorge Gonzalez

    Jorge Gonzalez (verified owner)


    MICHAEL SMITH (verified owner)

    Corals opened up within half an hour of being in the tank. Everything I’ve ordered has been outstanding. Highly recommend!!!

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