Snails – Turbo

Snails – Turbo


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Turbo Snails (Turbo fluctuosus) are giant snails with an appetite to match. We find these to be the most effective of the invertebrate grazers for controlling hair algae. They’re active on both the rocks and glass.

These are overall some of the hardiest snails and a good addition to the reef tank.

The only downside – they are bulldozers. These snails are large and strong, so they can move loosely-attached frags or rockwork. its not as bad as having an urchin in your tank, just be aware – they will rearrange small piece of rock and coral to get at the algae, so its best to make sure everything is firmly secured.

To minimize this, the Turbo snails we supply are not full size, only about the size of a large grape or cherry tomato.

One of the absolute hardest working members of the cleanup crew.


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