Weeping Willow Toadstool Coral

Weeping Willow Toadstool Coral

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Toadstool corals (Sarcophyton sp.) are some of the toughest soft corals in the hobby, and a great choice for starter corals. They also add a spot of color to low light areas in mature reefs. Like most soft corals, these prefer high nutrients, low to moderate light, and moderate flow.

This is an especially hardy and bright colored strain propagated for many years in the aquarium hobby. The tentacles are unusually long – it sways in the current like a torch coral or anemone.

The coral you receive will come from the same lineage as the image shown, but because of natural variation yours may not look identical to this image.

These are big, fat, chunky frags – each is approximately 2″ when fully inflated, but they may appear smaller on arrival due to shipping stress.

4 reviews for Weeping Willow Toadstool Coral

  1. Albert Savery (verified owner)

    Healthy specimen

  2. Jesse Rains

    Jesse (verified owner)

  3. Dennis Wong

    Dennis W. (verified owner)

    Great specimen, def will purchase again.! Thank you orchard reef team.!

  4. Heather Zychowski

    Heather Z. (verified owner)

    Very healthy and pest free

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