Zoanthid 10-Pack (Free 2-Day Shipping)

Zoanthid 10-Pack (Free 2-Day Shipping)

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This package deal includes ten (10) different varieties of Zoanthids for only $109, with free 2-day shipping included. Start your Zoa Garden today!

The varieties included in this pack will depend on availability. But we promise that the package will include

  • No duplicates – you’ll receive 10 different kinds of zoas
  • A variety of colors – including greens, reds, yellows, and/or oranges.

This package also includes FREE SHIPPING (2-day shipping). You can upgrade to OVERNIGHT SHIPPING for an additional $19.99. You can also add other items to your order for no additional charge, and if you hit the free shipping threshold ($150) you will qualify for FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING automatically.

The types of zoanthids included in this package will be drawn from our selection depending on availability, and may also include other varieties not currently listed on our site. Each frag will contain approximately 2-5 polyps, but because of natural variation among frags the frags you receive may look slightly different than the representative images shown online.

Please note that since package deals are already heavily discounted, most coupon codes do not apply to frag packs. 

37 reviews for Zoanthid 10-Pack (Free 2-Day Shipping)

  1. Jake McTague (verified owner)

    All Orchard Reef’s corals are fantastic price and quality!

    What an unbelievable deal for zoas!

  2. Joseph Fraga

    Eric (verified owner)

    Great assortment of Zoas + a freebee 😉

  3. shad bonen

    shad bonen (verified owner)

    They all came in in perfect health. I Ordered 10 pack they sent 11 all were different exactly as described. Even different from the ones I previously ordered not sure if this was planned or just luck either way fantastic job. I’m working on a YouTube unboxing just to show my appreciation for there great products and service.

  4. Melena Nuckolls

    Melena N. (verified owner)

    Well worth the money! They are all bright and beautiful!

  5. Jon Ganaden

    Jon Ganaden (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning colors! I usually worry about getting a assortment that I cannot pick myself, but, every single piece is fantastic! Thank you so much!!!!

  6. Albert Savery (verified owner)

    The packaging of the corals were the best I have ever seen. Each coral was labeled in individual airtight bags for easy identification, and were packed securely with a heat pack that kept all the inhabitant safe. And to top that off they include a wonderful free gift.
    I would recommend this company and will definitely order again.

  7. mark (verified owner)

    All Zoas arrived in good condition. Nice variety of colors, all bagged and labelled properly and everything opened up nicely in 24 hours. Great stuff!

  8. Brandon D VanDrisse (verified owner)

    Everything was packaged awesomely. Came labeled and with a free gift. Ships great and got mine today and all are open and look happy. Thanks

  9. Brandon VanDrisse (verified owner)

    Awesome experience. Great colors and loved how they were labeled and the free gift was an awesome bonus. Definitely recommend.

  10. Kevin Rice (verified owner)

  11. Steele W. (verified owner)

    Honestly, I was worried about these hours not looking good or being ripped off because the price was so impressive. But thankfully I was wrong, the shipping was terrific and Zoe’s arrived intact beautiful and I can’t say enough about this great deal. Thank you guys so much! They look great!

  12. Robert Regan (verified owner)

  13. Douglas C. (verified owner)

    I recieved a very nice selection and am very happy

  14. Christopher Montich

    Christopher M. (verified owner)

    Love the variety.

  15. paul mueller

    paul m. (verified owner)

    Very nice assortment given.

  16. Edward Knight (verified owner)

    Everything is doing fine very pleased

  17. Patrick Figures

    Patrick F. (verified owner)

    All zoa’s were healthy and the selection was great! No pest!

  18. Sandro Le

    Sandro L. (verified owner)

    Gorgeous and good deal thanks for the extra frag

  19. fabian gonzalez

    fabian (verified owner)

    Great variety, even threw in a combo gift!

  20. Joseph Esguerra

    Joseph E. (verified owner)

    I am not really into buying corals in the internet but Orchard Reef Coral farm is a game changer for me. All zoas arrived in great condition, Great Price , excellent packaging, fast and free shipping and there is even an extra free gift frag. I cannot ask for more. Looking forward to buying more coral from you guys.

  21. Joel C. (verified owner)

    Great looking Zoa’s. They all arrived healthy and are looking great, all different colors and types. They even through in a free coral. Great purchase I am extremely happy.

  22. Gary Olson

    gary olson (verified owner)

    Nice selection

  23. Wallace Rayburn

    Wallace R. (verified owner)

    Excellent selection recieved and everything rebounded quickly after adding to my tank. Very pleased.

  24. Steve Sims

    Steve (verified owner)

    Received a great assortment.

  25. Jeff Ferry

    Jeff F. (verified owner)

    Amazing Value, product, and customer support

  26. Wesley B. (verified owner)

  27. Tonna Clemons (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, awesome products a great experience overall.

  28. Frank Parisi

    Frank Parisi (verified owner)

    Your service was impeccable.! Awesome corals, excellent packaging. The corals look great and are opening. Great colors great selection! Will see you soon!

  29. Jesse Rains

    Jesse (verified owner)

    Best bang for the buck in corals, make sure to dip and quarantine, but the color variety was great, and very nice bright Zoas, would buy from them again.

  30. David Sorensen

    David Sorensen (verified owner)

    Best price I could find for a 10 pack. Assortment was great and the total price would have been well above what I paid. Arrived packed very well and alive. All are currently looking great 1 week post introduction. Also, they were super clean and probably no need to QT.

  31. Jared Wysocki

    Jared W. (verified owner)

  32. Thomas Sterenchock

    Thomas S. (verified owner)

    I hope they open and grow into a zoa garden.

  33. joe (verified owner)

    Great customer service. Best packing ever!!!

  34. Michael Lorenz

    Michael L. (verified owner)

    Arrived on the day requested, well packed and doing well in my aquarium. I will buy again from this company.

  35. Marco Valladares

    Marco (verified owner)

    This is a great option to quickly get a variety of zoas.

    Nice variety: out of 10 frags, I got 2 pairs that are similar and the rest are pretty varied. Color and size wise, pretty good mix.

    Packaging: extremely well done. One of the bags had a little leak (outside was wet) but it didn’t affect the zoa inside.

    Frags: One really big colony, 7 average size and 2 really small.

    Live arrival: all frags opened up nicely by next day after introduction. Be sure to follow the acclimation instructions.

    Dip: No pests, I only got a couple bristle worms after a dip (not the fire worm variety).

    Freebie: I got a nice extra frag!

    You can’t really beat this price (not even locally for me). I wish there were more free shipping options available.

  36. Barbara Carpenter

    Barbara Carpenter (verified owner)

    Many polyps extended on arrival! 30 minutes after acclimation & placed in reef tank, full extension! Very impressed at less than 24 hour delivery, packaging, and free gifts on this large order were a plus! Will be ordering again!

  37. Barbara Carpenter

    Barbara Carpenter (verified owner)

    Top notch. Almost $400 order & worth every penny. From the Gonapora to the zoanthids most were partially open in the packing bags. All arrived in great shape, 2 hours sooner than I expected, & several free frags-will definitely purchase here again!

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