Mushroom Coral – Red & Cyan

Mushroom Coral – Red & Cyan

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Mushroom corals are some of the toughest soft corals in the hobby, and a great choice for starter corals. They also add a spot of color to low light areas in mature reefs.

This strain presents a variety of different colors depending on the light. The base color is a deep red, covered with fluorescent cyan (greenish-blue) bumps. The surface has an iridescent green sheen, and if theyre grown in higher light levels this green color becomes dominant. Overall, this mushroom presents a subtle rainbow of colors.

Despite this, the price is low because its also the fastest growing mushroom I’ve ever kept. Plan for this, when you place it in your tank!

The mushroom you purchase will come from the same lineage as the image shown, but because of natural variation yours may not look identical to this image. Each polyp (mushroom) is approximately 1/2″ when fully inflated, but they may appear smaller on arrival due to shipping stress.

8 reviews for Mushroom Coral – Red & Cyan

  1. Fabian Wilson (verified owner)

  2. Jeremiah Donahou

    Jeremiah D. (verified owner)

    These are really cool! I haven’t seen these anywhere else. They came in perfect. I can’t wait for them to get big!

  3. Nguyen Khuu

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  4. Doris (verified owner)

    Corals were in good health and the delivery was right on time.

  5. Jeremiah Donahou

    Jeremiah D. (verified owner)

    Love these! The color varies so much depending on where they are at. Very nice shrooms.

  6. Jamie Charvat

    Jamie (verified owner)

  7. Jewell Dickerson (verified owner)

  8. Barbara Carpenter

    Barbara Carpenter (verified owner)

    Top notch. Almost $400 order & worth every penny. From the Gonapora to the zoanthids most were partially open in the packing bags. All arrived in great shape, 2 hours sooner than I expected, & several free frags-will definitely purchase here again!

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