Rhodactis Mushroom – Ultra Orange

Rhodactis Mushroom – Ultra Orange

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Mushroom corals are some of the toughest soft corals in the hobby, and a great choice for starter corals. They also add a spot of color to low light areas in mature reefs.

This variety is a recent import, and has taken the record as the brightest Rhodactis in our collection. The face is covered with intense fluorescent orange bumps (vesicles). The tentacles edging each polyp are a bright yellow-orange. So orange it was tough to find settings that show its colors accurately. This one looks bright orange under whites or blues.

Warning – this will make your other orange mushrooms look tame and subdued in comparison.

The mushroom you purchase  will come from the same lineage as the image shown, but because of natural variation yours may not look identical to this image. Each frag includes a single polyp approximately 1.5″ when fully inflated, but they may appear smaller on arrival due to shipping stress.

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