Zoanthids – Afterburner

Zoanthids – Afterburner

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This is it _ I believe this to be the brightest orange of any zoanthid available in the hobby. The large polyps feature a fluorescent orange face with a dark ring, an orange inner ring, a dark mouth, and a fluorescent orange skirt. This one looks great under both white lights and blues, and holds its colors under any light levels.

Like all zoanthids, these like plenty of nutrients, and will thrive in a wide variety of light and flow levels.

The frag you purchase will come from the same lineage as the image shown, and will have a similar number of polyps, but because of natural variation among frags yours may not look identical to this image.

3 reviews for Zoanthids – Afterburner

  1. Josh Johnson

    Ashley J. (verified owner)

  2. Melena Nuckolls

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very, very bright. Absolutely gorgeous

  3. James Reed

    James Reed (verified owner)

    Great quality and great packing

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