Zoanthids – Daisycutters

Zoanthids – Daisycutters

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This is a bright zoanthid with an interesting pattern. These medium polyps feature a dark face with a bright yellow mouth, with irregular streaks of orange radiating across the face. It’s encircled by a long, bright yellow-green skirt.

Like all zoanthids, these like plenty of nutrients, and will thrive in a wide variety of light and flow levels.

The frag you purchase will come from the same lineage as the image shown, with about 3-5 polyps, but because of natural variation among frags yours may not look identical to this image.

4 reviews for Zoanthids – Daisycutters

  1. James Hurst

    James Hurst (verified owner)

    Nice addition to my zoa garden.

  2. Stacy Ramirez

    Stacy Ramirez (verified owner)

  3. Michael Wolf

    Michael Wolf (verified owner)

  4. Lawrence Spencer

    Lawrence (verified owner)

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